Do you love good, descriptive writing and long to do your own? If so, the Approaches to Creative Writing, Developing Characters and Writing Fiction courses could just the thing for you.

You’ll be introduced to the work of wonderful authors such as Kei Miller, Tim Winton, Rose Tremain and Andrea Levy, and learn about writing through the senses, personification and other literary devices.

We look at nature writing and learn how, even if it’s not your thing, adding a little nature adds so much to any story. We look at the power of place, and we explore memoir, considering books by authors as diverse as Tricky, Tracey Emin and Helen MacDonald. We look at the ‘fragmented writing’ of Joyce Carol Oates and we find out how to turn our own lives into fiction. In every class you’ll get an opportunity to write for 20 to 25 minutes, with an option to develop this during the week, or to choose from a selection of homework exercises.

The next courses should start around mid-October 2021, on Zoom.

For more info please visit the Course Descriptions.

Price: £135 per six-week course
Concessions may be available.

To book: please get in touch using the Contact Form.

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