Proofreading, Editing and Ghostwriting

With some 20 years’ experience sub-editing for national newspapers and magazines, proofreading and copy-editing are second nature to me. As a freelance writer reporting on a wide range of subjects, I’m also experienced in all aspects of researching, writing and selling my work. These are tasks that I can perform for you as a ghostwriter.

Proofreading and Editing
When you’ve worked hard on an article, story, poetry collection, memoir, novel, website or whatever your baby is, it would be a shame to let it down with typos and grammatical errors. This is where I can help – I’m a razor-sharp proofreader!

As an editor (for example, cutting words to adhere to a given word-count), I am sensitive to your voice and will alter your work as little as possible. I can also help you to expand and improve your writing, through conversation and mutual agreement.

Ghostwriting services include formal project proposal, interviews and research, first draft for your approval and a final draft. I can ghostwrite for smaller projects – such as blog posts, articles and pamphlets.

To talk to me about proofreading, editing or ghostwriting, please get in touch using the Contact Form

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